I Am New


For years I struggled with feeling like I would always be who I had always been.

I would never be good enough for God or anyone else. I would always make the same stupid mistakes. People would always know me as who I was instead of who I have become.

I struggled with this for so long and sometimes those thoughts still want to creep in. I have learned that the best way to move past these thoughts is to remember that my identity is found in Christ alone.

As long as I know who I am in Christ and live like the person that He says I am it doesn’t matter what others say or think. My identity, my worth, my purpose, my contentment are found in the new creation I am in Christ.

When I feel that I am not good enough and when I make mistakes, God reminds me that He chose me, His strength is made perfect in my weakness, He thinks I’m worth dying for. When I am only known as who I was or what happened in the past, the power of Christ reminds me that He makes all things new. He works all things for my good.

My past may have shaped me but it doesn’t have to define me. ♡

            Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever; I choose Jesus.

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