Keep Dreaming


I’m at a women’s conference this weekend where Beth Moore is the speaker.
(Side note: I love Beth Moore. Her books and Bible studies have played a big role in breaking a lot of chains and healing a lot of wounds over the past few years.)

As I was waiting for the service to start last night, I was thinking about some dreams that God has placed in my heart that I’ve only discussed with God. Dreams that terrify me. Dreams that overwhelm me with both fear and excitement. Dreams that it seems impossible will ever be made reality, especially through me.

“I’ve never known anyone who did that before. I don’t personally know anyone with the same dream.”
This is the thought that scares me most when thinking about my God-Sized dream. How can I do what I haven’t seen done? Who can tell me how they got where I want to be and encourage me through the rough patches that they have survived?
Sometimes these thoughts make me feel so alone in my dream.

During the worship last night God told me to look around the arena. As I did His Spirit whispered to my heart, “Look at all the women gathered in my name. Thousands of women here to love and worship me. You’re not alone in your dream. You’re not alone in your vision. You’re not alone in your service. It is possible through me. I make all things possible.”

I cried as God spoke this over me, and I’m crying again now as I tell you about it.
If you’re like me and you want such big things for the kingdom of God but have no idea or experience to see those things accomplished, remember this:  When you feel alone in your dreams, remember that God birthed them into you, so He is with you. And there are also thousands, millions, of other Christians throughout the world striving to further the kingdom of God.
Our dreams may look different, but we are all in it for the same purpose. Glorifying God. You are not alone. Keep dreaming. ♡

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