The Name of Jesus


What is the name of Jesus to you? How important is the name of Jesus in your life?
Is the name of Jesus something that you toss around when you’re in need or would you be willing to die for the name of Jesus?
Honestly. You don’t have to answer aloud, you don’t have to comment. Just between you and God, honestly answer, “The name of Jesus is…”
For myself, the name of Jesus is everything. I don’t say that braggadociously. I say that giving all glory and honor to the Savior to Whom the name belongs.
By the name of Jesus, because of His sacrifice, I am saved, redeemed, healed, restored, complete. Through the name of Jesus the curtain has been torn, no longer am I separated from the Holy of holies, but instead, I have an all-access pass to the throne of God.
The name of Jesus is above all names, every name I’ve ever been called by myself and others, every name of evil, every name of sickness.
By the name of Jesus, I am more than a conquerer, through Him I am an eternal Victor.
Jesus is the name that I speak in the midst of loneliness, uncertainty, and fear, and the presence of God immediately rests on me.
Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.
The most beautiful name that I know. The most powerful name that will ever exist. Not because of the name itself, but because of the Christ behind the name.
Jesus thinks I’m to die for…
The feeling is mutual. ♡

            Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever; I choose Jesus.

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