Jesus is Different

The current sermon series at our church is about the woman at the well and I just can’t quit thinking about her.

I imagine this woman as broken and calloused by life and it’s circumstances. We don’t know if she lost her husbands through divorce or death, regardless, she has lost 5 husbands. She has been jaded by loss. Her ability to love and be loved has been corrupted. Now she is with a man who isn’t her husband. Why try again when you’ve already failed 5 times?

I imagine that those she considered friends have turned on her, told her she is worthless, sinful, not worth loving. She has lost her ability to trust and grown comfortable being alone.

No wonder she had such a hard time believing the words that Jesus said to her. She probably expected Him to be just another religious man, telling her how sinful and hopeless she is.


Jesus was different. He didn’t point out her sin and past mistakes, only to tell her there was no hope. Jesus told her all that He had to offer, and then He told her of her sin. He offered the solution to the problem before the problem was even addressed. He offered love like she had never known, peace like she didn’t know existed, and, best of all, forgiveness and redemption.

I relate so much with this Samaritan woman. I know how it is to feel condemned. I know how it feels for your outlook on life and love to be corrupted and jaded. I know what it is to be calloused by the words of people you thought you could trust. I know what it is to come to Christ, knowing that I do not deserve forgiveness,  knowing that I have done wrong, expecting the reaction that I deserve. I know what it is to learn that Jesus is different.

Every time I have expected Him to condemn me, He has offered me a way out. Every time I’ve deserved to be forgotten, He has held me tighter than ever before. Every time that I have been completely to blame, He has bore my sin and my shame. Jesus doesn’t follow the norm. Jesus is different. And I am so glad. ♡

            Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever; I choose Jesus.

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