I believed, therefore I spoke


I spoke at a women’s meeting last night and, I have to admit, I was a nervous wreck. I always am in situations like that. If we’re in the middle of leading worship and God lays something on my heart, I’m not scared to speak to 300 people. But if someone specifically asks me to speak, I feel like I have expectations to meet, and that terrifies me.

On the way to the service last night I was praying and asking God to lead me and speak through me, to remind me that it wasn’t me speaking and to calm my nerves. And then, He hit me with a gentle reminder: it doesn’t matter if I feel like I spoke eloquently or stayed with my notes, if His name was Glorified, it was a successful night.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t put in adequate preparation before speaking or that I shouldn’t try to stay organized and on point, it simply means that the purpose is not for people to hear or see me at all, but for them to hear and see Christ. My testimony is not so that people will think I am strong, it is so that people will see that God is the strongest of all.

After I left last night I wanted to beat up myself like always. But then I just remembered that God was Glorified, and THAT is all that matters.

When we share our testimonies, it isn’t a motivational speech or a self-promotion, it is for the glory of God, to show just how loving and faithful He truly is. “I believed, therefore I spoke…”

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