Prayer – full


I’ve been thinking a lot about the Lord’s prayer this week. It was Jesus’ example prayer. I’ve always thought it meant that we should pray it word for word, which I still love doing every time I pray, but I also believe He was giving us an example of how to pray, almost like an outline.

We start with, “Our Father in Heaven.” This let’s both God and us know Whom we are addressing, causing us to come immediately into submission and a sense of awe. We then enter into His courts with praise (Ps. 104), “Hallowed (Honored as Holy) is Your name.” Then we pray for God’s perfect will to be fulfilled, “in earth as it is in Heaven.” We pray for God’s provision (daily bread), spiritually and physically. We ask for undeserving forgiveness from Him and toward others. We pray for His leading and deliverance. And we end in submission and worship of just Who He is. “For YOUR’S is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever.” Amen – let it be so.

In the length of 5 bible verses, Jesus told us everything for which we need to pray. This tells me that the power of prayer is not in my big, eloquent words, or my forcing myself to pray for a long amount of time. The power of prayer is in fully praising, submitting to, and worshipping God. Praying for all things to glorify Him, including my provision and forgiveness.

The power of prayer is not in the one who is praying, but in the One Who answers. ♡

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