That’s Just Who He Is!


He bore the sin and shame so that we don’t have to. He took the stripes and the persecution, even though He never did any wrong. While we look forward to trading mortality for immortality, He chose the opposite all for us. He allowed Himself to face a painful death, all the while knowing that He could save Himself at any time. He faced the grave that we will all face, yet He is the One Who conquered! He rose again as the Glorified Son of God, the ultimate, eternal Sacrifice for our sins.
He resurrected, not merely as a great high priest, but as THE Great High Priest. The only High Priest that we will ever need again. The Great High Priest Who is eternally seated in Heavenly places, making atonement for our sins.
That’s my Saviour. That’s my Redeemer. That’s my Hero and that’s my Best Friend.
It’s a WONDERFUL day to be a follower of Christ!! In the name of Jesus, WE WIN!

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