This is what it means to be Held


(Mark 10:16)

My boyfriend and I try to make sure that we take the time to pray together often. Every time we do, we start out holding hands and I lay my head on his shoulder. At some point, he always ends up putting his arms around me and he holds me as we pray together. He always does this at the perfect moment without knowing. Sometimes it’s a moment when I am praying (silently) about something I am struggling with or worried about. And most of the time it is in the moment when I feel God the strongest. In that exact moment when it feels like the Spirit of God fills the room, Tyler will quietly put his arms around me and silently hold me as we sit in the presence of God.

As Tyler did this while we prayed together last night, I realized for the first time what a picture of God this is to me.
In the moments when I am struggling and afraid, God silently and graciously just wraps His arms around me. A lot of times He doesn’t say anything, He just holds me, makes me feel safe and protected, and reminds me that He is there.

There have been so many times when I’ve just needed God. So many times when I’ve been in tears over missing my parents, a broken heart, a lost relationship, or fear of the unknown and I’ve just asked God to hold me like a Father holds His child. God has never failed to pull me close and remind me of His love and comfort. It is in those moments that I feel Him the strongest.

Now, when the presence of God fills a room, that’s how I feel, because that is Who God is to me. He is the God Who Rescues me, holds me, and whispers that I’m His.

🎶This is what it means to be held, how it feels when the sacred is torn from your life and you survive. This is what it means… to know that the promise was when everything fails, we’ll be held. ♡

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