Covered in His Dust


When we hear the story of Jesus calling each of the disciples, it is both amazing and scary. These men just drop their lives – their careers, their families – when Jesus simply says, “Come. Follow me.” I’ve always longed to have that kind of blind trust to follow Jesus, and it has always seemed so far out of reach.

In this past Sundays sermon, the pastor explained that part of the reason these men so easily followed Jesus was because it was a part of Jewish custom to watch a Rabbi and to then ask to be his apprentice. If the Rabbi accepted your request, you then followed him constantly, observing his customs, learning his way of interpreting and living out scripture. An apprentice would follow his Rabbi so closely that it became to customary to say, “May you be covered by the dust of your Rabbi.”

These men had seen Jesus. They had watched Him perform miracles, seen how different He was from everyone else. Of course they wanted to follow Him. And, even more amazing, they never to ask to do so. Jesus asked them. The Rabbi of all Rabbis requested that they follow Him.

This is the beautiful thing about Jesus. He is so different. He goes against the norm, He breaks all of the rules. He doesn’t wait for someone to be mesmerized by Him so that they will think He is amazing and ask to follow Him, learn His ways and carry on His legacy (although, He of all people has every reason for this to happen). No, Jesus comes to us… right where we are. In the middle of life, in the midst of struggle, Jesus comes and says, “Follow me.” Why wouldn’t I drop my nets in order to follow Jesus? How could I not leave everything behind? I have been asked by The Rabbi Himself to follow Him, to walk so closely with Him that I would be covered by the dust stirred by His feet.

This week I have been beautifully reminded that following Jesus is not a burden or sacrifice, it is the highest honor that I have and will EVER receive. I have been given the unrealistic opportunity to walk in a loving relationship with the King of all existence.

I hope this truth washes over you today as well. Remember that following Jesus isn’t a job or a burden, it is a liberating privilege. May you follow Jesus so closely that you do not miss a movement, miracle, or whisper.
…”May you be covered in the Dust of your Rabbi.” ♡

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