From Walking On Water to Standing Still

            At the beginning of the year God kept telling me over and over again that He wanted me to step out like Peter and walk on water at His command (read more about it here). Over and over God just kept telling me that He wanted me to step out onto nothing, trusting that His Word would become the surface upon which to place my feet, trusting Him blindly. He kept speaking to me through the song “Oceans” by Hillsong: “You call me out upon the water… And there I find you in the mystery… Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me.”
After months of God’s urging, I finally felt like I stepped out. Now, weeks later, it seems like nothing miraculous has happened. Don’t get me wrong, God has been speaking to me, He has been doing amazing things like only He can do. But I guess I expected to press past my fear and step out on water and then have this magnificent revelation that would show me how to save the entire world.
            A couple of weeks ago I was praying about this and just telling God exactly how I felt: “You kept telling me to step out, to walk on water. Now, here I am, and nothing is happening. What was the point? Why did you ask me to walk on water just to leave me standing here now?” In my mind I was picturing myself standing on the sea, looking around I could no longer see the boat and there was no land anywhere to be seen. I could hear and feel nothing but wind and waves. “Why did you bring me here, God? I trust You, but I just can’t see the purpose.”
           All at once I had 2 realizations:
(1) I’m standing on Water. Regardless of the circumstance, regardless of the results that I can see, I’m standing on water. Even though it’s storming, and I’m scared, and I’m not sure what’s going on, I’m not sinking. I’m still standing… I’m still trusting.
(2) God told me to read Psalms 29. I’m sure I have read Psalm 29 before because Psalms is my favorite and main go-to book of the Bible, but I don’t remember ever noticing this scripture before. My eyes immediately fell on verse 3 and I sat in awe: “The voice of the Lord is upon the waters; The God of glory thunders; The Lord is over many waters.”

This chapter continues for 6 verses describing the amazing voice of the Lord. Immediately God spoke to me: “I brought you out here to hear from Me. When you’re out here and you can see nothing to run to, you can hear and feel nothing but the water and wind, if you hear a voice, especially a whisper, then you know that is has to be Mine.” 
When God kept asking me to step out onto nothing, I honestly thought that it was for the benefit of those He has called me to reach. I thought He was taking me to a place where I could have a divine revelation of ministry and how to save the world. But no, as always, God’s plan was to draw me closer to Him. That’s always His goal–personal connection between the Father and His beloved child.
In a way I was right. The closer I draw to God, the more I learn of Him, is very important and beneficial for the ministry that He has called me to do. But His purpose is not to pull me into what seems like the middle of nowhere for others, His purpose is to bring me to a place where it is only He and I.
I remember one night months ago when I was praying about this subject and I just kept repeating, “God, please, take me to a place with no distraction and no fear. Where it is just You and I and I can hear, and see, and feel nothing but You. So that there is no mistaking Your voice.”
           God has answered my prayer in a way that has completely blown my expectation.
A few weeks ago, walking on water seemed impossible and terrifying. Now, I am standing here, where the voice of God abides.
“You call me out upon the water… and there I find you in the mystery.”

“Be still and know (recognize, understand) that I am God.” -Ps. 46:10

1 thought on “From Walking On Water to Standing Still”

  1. Tears roll down my cheeks as I review my journal of last week in light of this post, as I too, was called to walk upon the waters. Why, why Lord do I need to open a door that has been shut down so hard and tight that I have fought PTSD just thinking about it? Last week I likened it to stepping out on the waters – terrifying in all that it can bring – both good and bad. But by His grace, I have stepped out, kept my eyes on Him, and gloried in the quiet peace I find out there.


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