Merely a Memory


Something scary happened yesterday… Something amazing happened yesterday. I saw someone who stirs up a lot of horrible memories and heart-wrenching regrets. In times past, when I have seen this person, it has stopped me in my tracks and caused my heart to drop to the floor as I wrestled with regret, pain, and anxiety that the past would be stirred up again. I immediately froze, expecting all of those reactions to start. To my surprise, I was surprised.

It didn’t hurt. I was able to think about the past without breaking out in tears as my heart pounded in my chest. Yes, there are still regrets. Yes, there are scars. But there is no longer a wound – it doesn’t hurt any more.

Years ago I heard Beth Moore say that the way to know you are healed is when what used to be an open, painful wound can be poked and prodded and it doesn’t hurt any more. Yes, there are scars, but a scar doesn’t hurt, it merely shows that you were once hurt and now you are healed. It is a gentle reminder of all that Christ has done in your life.\blog
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