He is Everything


For those of us who need to be able to visualize things in order to understand them, it can difficult to relate with God on a personal level in prayer.
God is GOD. He is all places at all times. He is Every Thing at All Times. This truth is so incomprehensible. How can we possibly have a personal relationship when He is so far above me?
My personal solution to this struggle is to visualize God as What I need Right Now, in This Very Moment, because that is Who He is.
When I am heartbroken, hurt, and scared, God is my Abba, my Daddy, who pulls me close, holds me tight, and protects me. When I need healing – physically, spiritually, mentally, or all of the above – I see Jehovah-Rapha: the God Who heals me, touching and healing my every wound. When I need provision, I see Jehovah-Jireh : the God Who provides, fulfilling every need. And when I am drowning, I see the God Who Rescues me, walking on water to come to my aid. 》》》》》》》》》》》》
If I picture God as  Everything At all time, then I am overwhelmed with awe of Who He is. In the midst of His Omnipresence, why would He would take the time to come down to my level? And I am also overwhelmed with fear because I am not worthy to speak to Him.
When I remember that He is what I need when I need it, I am able see Him and feel Him right next to me, fulfilling my every need.
If you feel this way, like God is so big and unreachable, give Him a chance to become what you need today. Ask yourself, “What do I need Right Now?” And allow God to fill in every blank. ♡

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