Condemned, Convicted… Clean.


The Greek word used for condemnation (katakrima) in Rom. 8:1 means a damnatory sentence. There is no damnatory sentence when we are in Christ, because, no matter the sin, no matter the darkness, no matter the depth, Christ is the answer, He is the solution. If we are in Christ, then we dwell inside of the constant solution to every problem and the forgiveness of every sin.

Condemnation comes from satan and man, saying that there is no way out. Conviction is from the Holy Spirit and it is meant to correct us and lead us to the only way out – Christ. Condemnation causes feelings of shame, regret, and depression that are difficult to shake and often stay with us for days if we let them. Conviction might make us feel the grievance or disappointment of the Spirit within us, but those feelings are immediately rectified and replaced with feelings of love, peace, and freedom the moment we repent (turn around).

Satan’s goal is to tear down, while God’s goal is to build up. Satan wants to make us feel worthless while God wants to remind us that it is His priceless Spirit inside of us that gives us worth.
The purpose of Satan’s condemnation is to lead us down a path of self-destruction. The purpose of God’s conviction is to lead us on the best possible path for us, the path that leads directly into His arms.

God is a good, perfect, and loving Father whose goal is always fellowship with His children. His correction is just another way to work all things for good according to His purpose. Satan’s condemnation is always saturated in hatred because he has received ultimate and eternal condemnation to hell. God’s correction is always baptized in love because He continues to offer us the way out until our last breath.

If you feel guilt or shame for a past or current sin in your life right now, ask yourself this question: Do I feel hopeless condemnation that says things will never be different or do I feel loving correction that says now is the time to turn it all around?

If your answer is condemnation, I encourage you to rebuke satan, remind him who he is and, better yet, who you are, and saturate yourself in the truth of God’s Word. If conviction is what you feel, fall into the arms of God, ask for His forgiveness, submit to His will. Let this be the moment when everything changes.
Allow God to take your story from Condemned, to Convicted, to Clean. ♡

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