God, my Redeemer


#LampAndLight photo challene day 6: A Book of the Bible.
I was torn for this one. My favorite and main go-to book of the Bible is probably Psalms. But the book that I tend to relate most with in my life is the book of Ruth. I have both related with and asked God to make me like Ruth countless times over the last 5 years. 》》》》》》》》》》》》》
1) The story of Ruth doesn’t begin with her birth or her back story. The story of Ruth begins with death. It begins with Ruth losing the most important person in her life, her livlihood, what she thought her future would look like, and the person that she thought she would be. It is after losing everything that she loved and planned that Ruth started her journey to God and learned that HE is everything.
➡I relate with this because that’s where my story begins too. Before losing my parents I was just a teenage girl, caught up in religion. After losing mom and dad, I began my journey to God, I learned that He is my Everything.
2) About 3 years ago God convicted me to make the same vow to Him that Ruth made to Naomi (with a little adjustment): “Where You go, I go. And where You stay, I stay. Your people will be my people. You alone are my God.” With some decisions in my life right now, God has been reminding me of my vow, reminding me that I’m not following people or places, I’m following Him and His presence wherever He leads… even if it’s into unknown territory.

3) Just as Boaz showed his favor to Ruth – protected her, rescued her, covered her with his robe, provided for her, and redeemed her, So God has done all of those things in my life. He has truly shown me what it is to be given unexplainable, unmerited grace and favor and to be made whole after being broken into a million pieces. “Ruth’s difficult choice in the present brought great blessing to her future.” 💕 -@joycemeyer

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