#LampAndLight photo challenge day 12: A Reminder of Grace.

○ ○ This Song. Just wow. The first time I heard a little clip of the bridge I cried my eyes out. The entire song is such a beautiful reminder of what the grace of God truly is.
○ ○ Mercy is being spared what you deserve; Grace is being given what you absolutely do not deserve.
○ ○ I deserve to be left dirty & broken. I deserve the death that is the penalty of sin. I deserve to to be forgotten. And yet, God not only spares me of my fate, but says, “I also wash you clean. I repair you and hold you together. I remember you every moment & I remind you of My love every single day. You have been spared an eternity of darkness without me – you have been given an eternity in My presence and Love.”
○ ○ I write this message to you with tears in my eyes. Tears and God’s Amazing Grace are a package deal. Whoever You are, Wherever You are, Whatever you’re dealing with, surrender it to God. He is a good, good Father Who longs to clean You up, feed You, Heal Your Broken Heart, and Restore your Crushed Spirit.

○ ○ Thank you so much Natalie Grant for this song. And thank You God for Your amazing grace. 💞

○ ○ 🎶There’s nothing too dirty that You can’t make worthy. You was me in Mercy. I am clean… washed in the blood of Your sacrifice. Your blood flowed red and made me white. My dirty rags are purified. I. Am. Clean.🎶

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