Souls are at Stake


I’m running a little behind on the #LampAndLight photo challenge so let’s let day 12 double for day 14, Song Lyrics. & today will be a combo for yesterday (A dream) & today (A memory). At the beginning of this year I was facing a lot of unknowns (still am), being pulled a lot of directions, & I was honestly terrified (and I still am). One night I had an extremely vivid dream that I was running through a city & there was a storm coming. I knew I had two options: face the storm & try to get as many people as possible to safety or run away & save myself. Unfortunately, I chose the latter and ran to the top of a hill where the storm couldn’t reach me. I watched as a tsunami came and overtook the city, exactly like in this picture. I watched as people ran for their lives with absolutely no hope of survival. I watched as people screamed at me for help as they drowned. I remember thinking, “While I’m running in fear, there are people dying that I could have saved.” Talk about an eye-opener.
I woke up from that dream in sweat and tears. Later that morning, a man that I’ve only been around a handful of times messaged me & said that God laid me on his heart the night before, told Him to pray for me and give me a “blunt reminder” of my calling. After telling me how strongly he felt the Spirit while praying for me, how deeply he could feel my calling, & reminding me of the responsibilities that come with surrendering to God, he said these words that have changed me forever: “Time is too short to settle. And souls are at stake when we’re called.” Wow. Definitely a blunt reminder – one  that I need every single day.
Every day you and I have the choice to settle for a mediocre Christian life of knowing I’m saved and going to church on Sunday or having an intimate, in – depth conversation and relationship with the Creator that changes us and transforms us into His image.
No matter where or how you feel called, we all share one purpose: Glorifying God & recruiting others to do the same.
However you can fulfill that purpose, big or small, DO IT.
Don’t settle for ordinary, strive for extraordinary! Time is too short to settle, and souls are at stake when you’re called!

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