Faith & Favor


#LampAndLight days 18 & 19: A Bible Character & A struggle.

I’ve always loved Esther. I love her humility. I love her devotion to her uncle, her people, her King, & her God. I love that it says she won favor in the sight of all who saw her & the King, who seems to be a kind of selfish, mean man, loved Esther more than all of the other women (2:15-17).

There was something special, something charming, about Esther. Something that made others want to be around her. I believe that ‘something’ was the Favor of God. He placed a Love in & on her that would get her into the palace “for such a time as this.”

I strive to be like Esther. Because she conquered my greatest struggle: She allowed her Faith to be Stronger than her Fear.

I seem to constantly battle with this. I know what God is calling me to do, but my fear of the unknown & the fear of being wrong and failing outweigh my Faith in my ability to discern the voice and will of God. My Faith in God doesn’t lack, because He has proven nothing but faithful. My Faith in myself lacks, because I often feel that I’ve proved nothing but a failure.

Like Esther, I have reasoning for my fear: “Everyone knows that *this* is how it works.” I struggle with feelings of insecurity that say I won’t be accepted  (4:11).

I want to be more like Esther, that after knowing the dangers and risks, I could allow my faith to outweigh my fear and God’s intent to outweigh my insecurity.

I want to remember that God’s plan and will are bigger than me. I am a piece of His much bigger picture. He placed me on earth at this specific time for this specific reason – I don’t want to miss it completely. If I fall on my face, He will pick me back up. If I take a step in the wrong direction, He will get me back on track. I would rather stumble trying to follow God, than miss Him completely because I was hiding in fear.

Lord, instill in our hearts that we are called to step out on our faith. If we fall, we fall. You will catch us & pick us back up. If we are chasing Your purpose, You will be with us all the way. Let us look Fear in the face and choose to let our Faith push us forward. Don’t let us miss our “such a time as this.” ♡

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