The Future Looks Bright


“The future is as bright as the promises of God.” -Adoniram Judson

Sometimes I think God likes to show off when He speaks to me. It’s like He keeps certain things hidden until exactly the right moment and then BAM, all at once I’m hit with an onslaught of the same message and an overload of the goodness of God.

I think He does it that way because He wants to make sure I know it’s Him and that there is no other explanation except His Love.

As I thought over some different fears, worries, and uncertainties today, I kept repeatedly telling God that I choose to trust Him, waiting for that mouth-to head-to heart connection to happen. As I did this, I flipped open my Bible just to see where I landed. I landed right in the middle of Proverbs 31.

I have so many notes and definitions written in this chapter, but only one verse was highlighted – verse 18: “…Her lamp goes not out, but it burns through the night [of trouble, privation (need), or sorrow, warning away fear, doubt, and distrust].”

As I kept reading, another key verse says she rejoices over the future because she knows that she and her family are ready (vs. 25).
And then again in verse 27, it says that the virtuous woman does not eat the bread of idleness-gossip, discontent, or self-pity.

It may seem like these verses don’t really connect all that well, but they do for me. Because I have to admit, lately I haven’t been trusting God like I’m called to. I haven’t been rejoicing over the future, knowing that He’s in control; I’ve been trembling in fear of the uncertainties and unknowns of the future.

My head knows that God is Faithful, that He will do what He has promised, but lately, my heart has refused to steady long enough to hear what my head is saying.

I haven’t been letting the oil of God’s Spirit make my lamp burn bright in the darkness to drive out fear and doubt. I’ve been eating the bread of discontentment and self-pity, and, I have to say, it’s given me heartburn and a stomach ache.

Today, in a way that only God can do, He reminded me that I’m not called to have all the answers, I’m not called to worry or fear, I’m called to walk with faith in His faithfulness. I’m called to know His character, because, once I know Who God is and the attributes that He possesses, it’s pretty much impossible to fear the future. God is already there, He goes before me to prepare the way.

I can’t focus on doubt, discontentment, or self-pity when I’m focused on just how amazing the Love and Faithfulness of God is. Who has time to gossip and complain when there is so much to praise God for? Why focus on the unknowns of the future when I can focus on what I know about God?

As I read, believed, and felt all of these words and let them sink in, I decided to read a little bit of the book I’m currently reading (Loving God with All Your Mind by Elisabeth George). The first page that I read had the quote from above: “The future is as bright as the promises of God.”
It was like the cherry on top of my little encouragement cake.

I have so many promises of God, both from His Word and those spoken directly to me. Knowing the character of God, that He is faithful to fulfill His promises, that He does nothing that doesn’t prove His love, there can be no dread of the unknown future, there can only be hope and rejoicing, because God is there. He is faithful. He will never fail.

The future is truly as bright as the promises of God – and there is nothing brighter than the light of God’s glorious faithfulness. ♡

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