Emmanuel ♡


Emmanuel – God with us.
I love the heart of Christmas. I love that Jesus loves us so much that He chose to leave the glory of Heaven, where angels worship Him constantly, to become a baby born in a stable, who would grow up to be a man abused and killed for our salvation.
I’ve always loved that Jesus came to make it possible for us to have an intimate personal relationship with God, but this year it has really been sinking in that Jesus came to make a relationship with God attainable, to make it personal.
As my Pastor put it: Jesus came to earth to turn the idea of this unattainable, “capital G,” God into the reality of our ability to have a personal relationship with our Father.
Emmanuel – God with us, all places at all times, and, even more amazing, God on our level. Jesus chose to become a baby so that we could relate with Him throughout our entire lives. So that He was tempted in every way that we are. Jesus came so that we would see that He is not a big scary God who is far away in the clouds and can’t be reached, He is a God Who wants to walk next to us as our friend, our brother, our teacher, and everything else that we need.
Jesus came as a baby so that we could walk with Him as a man. ♡
Have a Merry Christmas everyone!! 🎄💕

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