This One’s for You



This one’s for the skeptics. For the doubters. For the unbelievers.

I know sometimes we Christians seem a little crazy, a little eccentric. Sometimes we come off a little strange for believing in and trusting a God that we can’t see. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense when something bad happens and we say, “God is in control. He will work this for my good.”

But here’s the thing, you can’t understand until you’ve met Him. And there’s another crazy thing, “How can you meet someone who isn’t tangible?” That one is hard to explain. But, TRUST ME, when you meet Him, you’ll know.

I’m willing to admit that there are things about being a Christian that can’t be explained. You should also be willing to admit that there are things about not being a Christian that are just as unexplainable (Not sure if that’s a proper word, but it fits so I’ll be using it again).

For instance, explain to me how it is better to go through life feeling empty and alone than to live in complete belief that a sovereign God is walking with us at all times.

Explain to me how it is better to feel forgotten and pushed aside than to believe that there is NOTHING, no sin, no problem, no mistake, that can separate us from God’s love (Rom. 8:37-39).

Explain to me how it is better to live a life with no sense of purpose, a life that says we try to experience every chance at temporary happiness so that we can die one day and that’s the end. Tell me how that is better than living a life that says you are called for exactly this time (Esther 4:14), a life that says God so loved the world that He gave His ONLY SON so that we could share in His eternal life (John 3:16).

Tell me how it is better to believe that bad and good things just happen and we simply take them as they come than to believe that everything has a purpose, everything is for our good, our growth (Rom. 8:28).

You see, I know there are things about Christianity that do not make sense to unbelievers. But there are things about unbelievers that do not make sense to Christians.

For arguments sake, what if God isn’t real? Is it still better to live a life of emptiness than to live with a feeling of purpose? Is it better to be left feeling completely alone in loss, pain, and depression, than to believe that you are being comforted by the Creator of everything?

As I’ve heard quoted many times, “I would rather believe and find out in the end that I was wrong than to find out in the end that I was wrong for not believing.”

This isn’t meant for an argument or debate, I just want to present you with this question to ask yourself:

Is it really so wrong to believe?

Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s a relationship, it’s a family.
We aren’t trying to convert you to our denomination or doctrine, we simply want to introduce you to the One Who can and will change your life forever. The One Who has loved you from the beginning and will love you until the end. The One Who only wants what is best for You and knows what is best because He is Your Father. He loves You unconditionally.

So here is my second question for you:

Would you rather live questioning the unexplainable or would you rather live with God as the explanation for everything?

If you have questions, ask them. If you’ve been hurt, find a pastor, a friend, a counselor who can show you that that hurt didn’t come from God. If you don’t know where you would possibly fit in, know that you would be a welcome addition to this big, happy family.

And if you’re one who just can’t wrap your mind around the unexplainable… This one’s for you.

“Jesus said, “Because you have seen Me, you have believed. Those who believe without seeing are blessed (John 20:29).”

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“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He Rescues those whose spirits are crushed. (Psalm 34:18 NLT).”

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