Mundane to Miraculous

“Do everything you do for the Glory of God.”

This idea has always seemed so strange to me.

How can small, everyday tasks be done in the name of Jesus?

I’ve been reading “You’re Already Amazing” by @holleygerth ,which has helped me to understand this idea so much more. She explains it something like this:

We have all been gifted by God with specific strengths and talents and any expression of those strengths glorifies God so long as we remain in Him.

Holley gives an activity in the book to choose 3 strengths and 3 talents that we have to express those strengths.

I chose a strength of being Encouraging. An expression of that strength is writing.

Sometimes I feel like it’s so unimportant for me to write here and on my blog. There are SO MANY other amazing ladies with the same kinds of blogs who are so much wiser and more talented than I am.
But then God reminds me – Do all that you do for my glory.

Yes, there are plenty of other blogs out there and they all encourage me SO much. But If we all gave up because someone else is already doing it, then there would be no one to do what we do! We need each other, and others need our specific words and insights. 

Another of my strengths is that I am extremely easygoing. Combining these 2 strengths has made me a great listener throughout my entire life.
Again, that seems so small. But I know from personal experience what a HUGE difference a kind heart and listening ear can make on a darkest day.

I just want to encourage you today that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, do it for God. Choose to love God, not in spite of daily tasks, but because of them.

If you’re good at budgeting or couponing, share that with someone who is in financial trouble.
If you’re good at DIY cleaning and crafting, you could be the perfect fit for a Sunday school teacher or church custodian.
If you love fashion, show others how to express themselves and represent God through what they wear.

Even if it seems small, if it’s an expression of something that GOD chose to put in you, then it IS for His glory.

Let all that you do be done for the Glory of God, in the name of Jesus. ♡

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