The Danger of Comparison


I love snow so much. It just makes the world look so clean and fresh – like a blank canvas, where anything is possible.

That’s how the love of God and the power of Jesus’ saving blood is: it washes us completely clean and gives us a fresh start where anything is possible through the power of Christ.

I know this. But sometimes I don’t feel it.

Sometimes I feel more like this picture. Everything (i.e. everyone) around me looks so perfect, so white. Not a spot, not a blemish.  And here I am, not just splattered with spots and blemishes, but solid black, standing out in the middle of everyone’s shiny white.

This is the danger of comparison.
With the popularity of social media it is SO easy to see the lives of others, their amazing Bible studies, their daily quiet time, their world-changing ministries, and start feeling insecure. “Why doesn’t God speak to me like that?”, “I must not be as good as them”, “God must not love me as much”, “…I must be doing something wrong.”

These thoughts are so destructive, which, we know from scripture, comes from satan because his main focus is always to steal, to kill, to destroy (John 10:10) and to devour (1 Peter 5:8).

When you’re scrolling through the news feed remember that social media only shows what we CHOOSE to share. We don’t choose to show the days when we sit in our robes and cry because we aren’t enough. We don’t show the days when a mom sits in the closet and cries because she doesn’t want to cause her children to grow into dysfunctional adults. We don’t show the argument a husband and wife just had because he left his shoes laying by the door instead of putting them in the closet.

It’s time we stop comparing our reality to someone else’s self-created-instagram-image. I’m not saying it’s all fake, I’m just saying what we show isn’t all their is.

Stop the comparison. Stop the feelings of insufficiency and insecurity. Remember that just as you were washed white at your moment of salvation, you’re washed white now. No child of God is more covered than the other. We’re all washed in the same blood, filled with the same Spirit, sharing in the same inheritance.

Embrace it. Believe it. Live it. ♡

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