Devotion over Distraction

This morning I woke up ready to have some quality time with the Lord. So anxious to just spend some restful time with Jesus.

And then I walked in the living room.

There were small things here and there that needed to be picked up. Ugh.

I walked in the kitchen to make my cup of coffee and saw dishes in the sink that needed to be washed.

From there I could see shoes in the laundry room that I forgot to put away when I came home from work yesterday. And I remembered there was a dryer full of towels to be folded.

Then I remembered that I forgot to make the bed.

I started picking things up and putting things away out of habit, thinking to myself “As soon as everything is done I’ll be able to focus on the Lord with no distraction.” And then I remembered… that isn’t how this works.

I used to think I had to have it all together, clean myself up, and make myself perfect before I could go to God. I thought I had to make myself worthy of His love. And then one day God showed me His beautiful truth: If I could truly clean myself up without God, I would have no need to go to Him.
*Remove pressure now*

If I could get it all together and make everything perfect without God, I would have no need for the gift of His amazing mercy and grace.

God doesn’t want us to get everything together and make everything perfect before we come to Him, God wants us to come to Him in the middle of our messes.

Don’t wait until you’ve done everything YOU THINK YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO to go to God, run to Him NOW. Run to Him always. No matter how good or bad, clean or messy you feel, God will give you exactly what you need in this moment.

Don’t wait until you’re clean to run to God, allow Him to give you the glorious experience of being cleaned by God. ♡

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