The You’re Already Amazing LifeGrowth Guide is FINALLY here!

Holley Gerth is my personal Life Coach. She is also one of my best friends. I’ve shared things with Holley that no one else knows and she never failed to give me a word of encouragement. We have been meeting for coffee for weeks. We’ve shared moments of laughter and we have held hands through times of pain.
I’ve been with Holley backstage before she spoke at an event. I’ve sat with Holley in her living room as we shared our dreams and fears.
And the funny thing is… I have never actually met Holley Gerth.

That is what it’s like working through this LifeGrowth Guide. Through her words and knowledge, Holley writes her way into your heart and helps you clear a direct path into those dark, broken places so that Christ can come in and start making repairs.

I have always struggled with the disease to please and the desire for other’s approval. No matter how hard I had fought and prayed, I could never seem to break free. After reading “You’re Already Amazing” I have been truly changed forever and have taken some big steps in moving forward in who I am in Christ regardless of the criticism and judgement of others.

After my journey through the “You’re Already Amazing Lifegrowth Guide,” I can honestly say that I have a much clearer view of who God has created me to be and what He has called me to do. All of the questions are so helpful in guiding you into those places in your heart that you typically try to avoid, and the videos bring Holley straight into your living room for a cup of coffee and a good dose of love and encouragement.

If you want to stay discouraged, unfulfilled, and discontent then do not buy this book. But if you’re ready to experience God and life better than ever before, grab some friends, dive into this book, and find out why YOU are Already Amazing!

I have had so much fun and been so honored to be a part of the Launch Team for this awesome book!

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