Sunday Morning Reminder


Are you feeling alone today?
Are you fighting for clarity about who you are?
Are you longing to feel like you belong?
Then this is for you.

God has given us the entire Bible to show us His Love, to show us Himself.
And He is so amazing that each individual verse, each individual sentence, can have just as much impact as the book as a whole.
Why? Because it is Alive (Heb. 4:12).

Take in this one verse today. The One Who created You says, ‘Do not be afraid. I have redeemed you. I know your name and I call you by it. Why? Because you are mine.’ If that’s too much to take in, then just hear this one phrase – God, your Creator, says, “You. Are. Mine (Is. 43:1).”

His; THAT, my dear friend, is exactly Who You are. With Him; THAT is where you belong. And if you keep reading into the next verse, then He promises, no matter what you’re going through, rivers or fires, He. Will. Be. With. You. You are NEVER alone.

Rest in these truths today.
He is a good, GOOD Father. That’s just Who He is.
And you are deeply, unconditionally, eternally loved by Him. That’s just who you are.
And THAT is more than enough. ♡

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