Hope is Rising


I can only imagine how the disciples must have felt.

Jesus, their Teacher, their Friend, their Brother, their Savior… is dead. He said this would happen, but they refused to believe it (Matt. 16:21). They watched it happen., yet it still doesn’t seem real.

While it was difficult to believe that He would die, it is now next to impossible to believe that He will rise.

I can imagine some of the thoughts that must have been racing through their minds, “What will I do now? I gave up everything to follow Him; my family, my livlihood.,” “I was so sure He was telling the truth. I was so sure He was the Messiah. What if I was wrong?,” “I didn’t plan for this. The plan was to keep following Him. Where do I go now? This was supposed to be my future. Now… I just don’t know.”

I’ve been there. I’ve felt the same way. I’ve had my world turned upside down, my beliefs tested, and my future plans crushed.

It can be hard to see the light that Jesus promised would come when all you can see presently is darkness. The disciples knew that Jesus promised He would rise, but right now, it just felt impossible.

The disciples had Jesus’ Word, but it was hard to believe when they just didn’t know what would happen. If you’re in a situation like this, remember that we have an advantage that the disciples didn’t: We know how the story ends.

We know that Jesus kept His promise. We know that He rose. We know that He still lives.

So today, you might be burying some dreams, some plans, some expectations, but remember this: When you’re watching your stability crumble, you can know that, in just a few days, just as Jesus promised, Hope is rising. 

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