Monday Motivation… on Tuesday.


Lately, I’m constantly running from one place to to the next.

This week alone I work every day and have 2-3 things to race to one after the other each afternoon and evening.

Those things range from wedding planning, to book club, to marketing and meetings for It Works!, to taking our engagement pictures, to taking college classes, to conference calls for an organization who helps girls involved in sex trafficking, to writing blog posts, to today starting yet ANOTHER new opportunity.

But you know what? I love my life. Yes, I’m exhausted the majority of the time and sometimes I’m cranky because of it. lol

But I love being busy, because I know it isn’t forever. I am doing all of this because I am working toward my goals of NOT being busy. Of having time for the things that matter.

When I started with It Works! multiple people asked why in the world I would take on yet another responsibility. My response? Because it will help me reach my goals sooner.

The same goes for everything else that I do. I get to connect with people, I get to help people, I get to do what I love, and I get to know that I am working hard for the things that I want and care about.

If you have dreams that you’ve given up on because you feel like you just don’t have the time, or you can’t accomplish them, don’t.

You don’t have to run as much as I do, but don’t let your life be filled with broken dreams. Take a small step toward making a plan.

You’ll never regret working toward your goals, you’ll only regret never trying.

(And if you would like more info about it Works!, I would love to help you reach your goals!)
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