Following God in Faith


A few weeks ago I was praying about a specific situation in my life when God whispered an answer to me. In the middle of my awe at His reply I asked, “So, You have a plan?” He simply responded, “Of course I do.”

Sometimes in the middle of our fear and desperation we can forget just Who it is we are praying to. This isn’t a mere counselor who can give us good advice. This isn’t just a best friend who listens to our fears and shares in our pain. God does all of the above, all the while knowing the outcome. All the while whispering, “I’ve got this.”

I’m a control freak and a planner, so it’s easy for me to get frustrated when that’s all God says. I want details. I want the game plan. I want to help with the execution.
But God has been teaching me the beauty of walking by faith.

When I truly know God, I don’t need to know the plan. Knowing God means knowing His character, knowing that He is faithful, He is good, He has a plan,and that plan is the best possible path for my life.

Walking in faith doesn’t mean following a plan, it means following God. Following God means being blindly led down the perfect path.

Following God is the greatest adventure we can ever take, because we never know what is going to be around the next turn.

I may not know where  I’m going, but I’m not afraid because I’m going there with God. ♡

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