Things to Remember when you’re Planning your Wedding


To my single & engaged friends,
I’m doing some wedding crafting today and God keeps giving me this reminder that I want to share with you: It isn’t about the wedding, it’s about the marriage, the life, and the love.

From the time we’re little girls we start dreaming about our wedding. It will be a magical dream come true. You will FINALLY get to be a pampered Princess. You will walk in a daze as people tell you how beautiful and perfect you and your dress are. You will smile until your face hurts taking pictures and thinking of your happily ever after.

And then, just mere hours later, the wedding is over and the marriage begins.

Marriage starts with a few hours of perfect bliss, and continues with a lifetime of determination and commitment in the face of struggles.

The stressful questions are no longer What color should the bridesmaids wear? or How should you style your hair?.
The questions are now,
When times get tough, will you fight with or against each other? When he doesn’t meet your expectations or read your mind, will you vocalize that or stay mad at him in secret? Will you pray for him to change or will you pray for God to change you?

This is my point: Don’t put all of your focus and energy into planning a wedding and forget that you’re actually planning a marriage.

If you’re engaged, take this time to think through the commitment, to talk through the important things like finances, children, past regrets, and future dreams.
Use this time before to develop, not only your relationship with one another, but to develop your relationship with and in God.

And if you’re single (or engaged), use this time to find your identity in Christ.
Being single isn’t a curse. For me, my time of singleness was my greatest blessing because I learned who I am in Christ and Who He is in me.

I learned and truly experienced that Christ alone is my Savior, and now Tyler doesn’t have to be. I don’t have to depend on Tyler, a man, to solve all of my problems, heal all of my hurts, and fill the empty places in my heart. Instead, Tyler and I can be honest about our failures and imperfections.

We don’t need to complete each other because we are complete in Christ.


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