Why Change is Necessary and Beautiful




It is often unwelcome, yet always inevitable.
It is often unexpected, but always an adventure.
It is sometimes good and sometimes bad, but it is always a life-changing experience.

No matter how hard we fight or pray, we cannot prevent change. And, over the last few years, God has shown me that I shouldn’t want to. Because without change, there is no growth.

Without change, we would never grow past infancy. We would never learn to walk or talk.
Without change, we would never grow past adolescence. We would never stop thinking that we know it all and the world revolves around us.
Without change, we would never get married. We would never have children. We would never buy a new house or start a new job. We would never make new friends or get away from toxic ones.

Without change, we would never meet Jesus. We would never develop a relationship with the One Who gave His life for our sins.
Without change, we would be stuck in our depression, anger, fear, and hopelessness forever.
Without change, we would stay in addiction. We would never be free.
Without change, we would remain condemned of sin. We would never be saved.
Without change, we would never experience the beauty, and joy, and hope that comes with surrendering our lives to Christ.

I used to hate change. But God has taught me that change is actually beautiful and absolutely necessary if I ever want to experience growth.
It hurts to lose people. It hurts to lose comfort. It even hurts to grow. But wouldn’t you rather have growing pains than stiffness from staying in one place too long?

I have experienced so much change in my life.The majority of that change has been unexpected.
I didn’t expect to lose my parents when I was only sixteen.
I didn’t expect to lose almost everyone I considered a friend in the same season.
I didn’t expect to be taken in by my 20-year-old brother and sister-in-law.
I didn’t expect to leave the only home I had ever known.
I didn’t expect to experience Jesus more than ever in the middle of the hurricane.
I didn’t expect to find joy and peace during the greatest pain of my life.
I didn’t expect to be able to write a blog post over 5 years later and honestly say I am better and thankful for all of the changes in my life. They have made me who I am.

Looking back over all of the changes I have experienced in my life so far, one truth is the thread that ties it all together: Jesus was never surprised.
For Him, every single struggle and victory were completely expected. And He knows that each change will become just another piece of our growing puzzle.
Every change that I have thought was the end, has turned out to be a much better beginning.

“The end of a matter is better than its beginning; (Ecc. 7:8).”

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