So This is Love


This guy. There are truly no words to express how thankful and blessed I am to have him.

Long before we started dating (or I even realized I might want to date him) he quickly became my best friend. From the very beginning, we’ve had a no-judgement relationship where we can always be 100% authentic and painfully honest with each other.

Planning and getting ready for our wedding has been the most difficult and painful time for me since losing my Mom and Dad.

Every time something small and seemingly insignificant has made me bust out in a sobbing fit, Tyler has simply held me until the tears stopped.

Every time I’ve ever cried over my parents in the year we’ve been together and the year of friendship before, Tyler has always told me, “I will never, ever judge you for this.” He has always reassured me that, even when I’m crying over my parents 20 years from now, he will still just hold me until the tears stop. And I know that he means it.

We’re not married yet, but I truly believe that this is what God created marriage to be: A picture of the unconditional, never-ending love of Christ. The kind of love that holds you until the tears stop.

Tyler isn’t on social media so he won’t even know I posted this. But, the closer we get to starting our life together, the more and more thankful I am that God chose him to be my forever. ♡

1 thought on “So This is Love”

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