Run Home, Dear Prodigal


Life gets busy. Schedules get jam-packed. Your mind races with list upon list of what you need to do and where you need to go.
You can keep this up for a couple of weeks, a month, maybe even months.
You can be in such a constant rush that you can’t even think about taking the time to slow down, to rest, to breathe, to be filled.

And then, in the middle of the rush, you start to get tired and cranky. The smallest things start to agitate you for no reason. You feel exhausted, overwhelmed with the desire to run from your running.
Slowly, you start to feel an emptiness settling where your heart should be. You have this longing for something, Someone, that will make you feel calm and peaceful. Someone that is worth slowing down for.

You take five minutes in the morning to read a quick devotion and whisper a prayer. That helps for a moment, but that hole in your heart still doesn’t seem to be filled. Rather, it seems to continue to grow.

This longing, this deep, unexplainable, undeniable desire, is your ingrained need for connection with God.
Deep calls to deep (Ps. 42:7); the depth of God’s Spirit reaches out to the depth of your soul. The Spirit of Christ cries out for you to come home, to REST in His arms.

He doesn’t want just a five minute devotion, He wants a lifelong connection.
He waits in anticipation for you to run home to Him. The preparations have been made to celebrate your homecoming.

Run home, dear Prodigal. The party is planned, and your Father awaits with open arms.

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