You can Sit around Dreaming, or You can Make Your Dreams Come True


Today I’m taking some small steps toward some big goals. I have been dreaming about these goals for years, always making plans but never doing anything to make them happen. Over the last few weeks, God has been nudging me to stop planning and start doing. I have had out-of-the-blue encouragement from multiple people, some of whom never even knew I had this dream, that it’s time to take action. So today, I’ve decided to take a deep breath, inhale my courage, exhale my fear, and take the first steps in what I hope will be an amazing joirney.

We can sit around talking about what we hope, and dream, and plan to do some day, never actually taking any steps toward that dream. And then, one day, we’ll look back and say, “If I had started then, I would be finished by now.”

Or, we can take a step of faith toward our goals.
It doesn’t have to be a leap. The smallest step in the right direction is better than no step at all.

So if jumping in head first is too much right now, try simply dipping one foot at a time. Faith doesn’t always mean diving completely into unknown waters; sometimes faith is simply taking that first step out of your comfort zone and onto the path that leads you to your purpose.

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