I didn’t Think; I just Ran.


Hey there.
Want to know why my hair is a disaster and I’m all sweaty and gross? And, furthermore, why I’m posting a picture of said mess? Because I just ran without stopping or slowing down further than I ever had before.
Do y
ou want to know how I did it?
 didn’t think; I just ran. 

I know what you’re probably thinking: ‘Big deal.’ But, for me, this is a big deal. Because I have a secret struggle…
I have a medical issue that causes me to get severely out of breath when I do simple things like bend over, walk up stairs, or even get too excited while talking. 

Usually, when I’m running and I start to feel myself getting out of breath, I either slow down or stop in fear that I will push myself too far and come face-to-face with the floor. But, this time, I was caught up in my worship music and the joy of running. I didn’t look at my running time or distance. I didn’t think, “I better be careful or I’ll make myself sick.”
I didn’t think; I just ran.

When I finally noticed that I had gone over twice as far as I usually can, I couldn’t help smiling at this small triumph. And then I realized that this is how it works in our Christian lives too.

We have a choice: focus on the pain, the struggle, and the fear, OR, get caught up in the worship and the pure joy of running toward God.
When we’re focused on our struggle, we’re scared of failing, of falling, of faceplanting onto the floor. But, when we’re focused on Jesus, we can get further than ever before without even realizing it.  And when people ask, ‘How did you do it?’ we can smile and say,  ‘I didn’t think; I just ran.’

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