Christmas makes me think of the Cross

1). In case you have been wondering where in the world I have been, my laptop decided to be a Scrooge and crash. It now sits waiting for a new hard drive (heavy sigh). But, oh well! 
2). I love this time of year. So many people, even those who aren’t interested the rest of the year, take the time to remember Jesus and what His birth meant. I love the songs. I love the lights. I love the entire attitude of generosity and kindness that seems to infect people. But for some reason, the last few years, this season has caused me to think about the cross. 

Maybe it’s because one isn’t as important without the other? 
Without the eventual cross, Jesus would have been just another child born in Bethlehem. Without the manger and His life as the Christ, Jesus would have been just another falsely accused criminal put on a cross. But it is one event that confirms the other. 

Had Jesus not been born through a virgin, His purpose and identity could be questioned. Had He been born as a King, His true purpose may not have been accomplished. Most importantly, had Jesus, the Son of eternity Who had never known pain or death, never decided to come at all, especially as a tiny baby, we would not know the freedom that we now have. 

No baby has ever meant so much. No baby has ever been so needed. No baby has ever had such a large weight on such small shoulders. Shoulders that would one day support the weight of crying children, both young and old. Shoulders that would one day carry pieces of wood as He went about His daily life as a carpenter, and would one day carry the last and most important piece of wood up a steep and painful hill. And there, on the cross, the same weight that rested on that tiny baby’s shoulders in the middle of a stable now rested on the shoulders of the One Who came to save the entire world. 

You see, without the birth, there could have never been a death. And without the death, there could have never been a rebirth. 

In the middle of the joy that a new child brings, especially the One and only child Who ever CHOSE to come, we also find the deepest sense of respect, Love, and unworthiness, because we know that, one day, this tiny little baby’s arms will be stretched further than any man could ever reach.

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