God is So Good

Is there anything more incredible than watching the Spirit of God work?
I don’t think I will I ever tire of seeing God perform the extraordinary through ordinary people. And if I do begin to tire of it, may God stop me in my tracks to remind me just how incredible it is.

There is something so beautiful about seeing someone who is broken be healed through the Love and power of Jesus.
There is something miraculous about watching God use someone with a messy past to reach those in a messy present.

God doesn’t need you to be perfect, He just needs you to be willing. He doesn’t need you to know how He just needs you to know that He can. 

Last week my Pastor said, “God uses ordinary people to perform the extraordinary because that is how He gets the glory.”
Is there any greater gift in life than to be used by the God of all creation and bring glory to His name? I can’t think of it if there is.

There is no greater gift, there is no greater miracle than to be saved from hell and mediocrity by the Savior of the world. To be used to fulfill His plans for mankind is too much to comprehend.

God is so, so good, my friends. He is working in His children.


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