Updates and Excitement

You guysss, I’ve been working on some exciting new things for the blog and I’m so excited to finally share them with you!

At the beginning of the year I started praying about whether I should keep my blog going or if it’s time to move on to a new season. This may seem strange because anyone who has been around long knows how much I love this blog and writing, but it just felt like I had lost my passion for it the last few months of 2017. Within just a few days of praying that prayer, God began laying these changes on my heart and I suddenly started getting multiple messages of encouragement about my blog and writing from both friends and strangers.


So what are these changes? Well they’re really not changes as much as additions. I will still be writing biblically based, encouraging posts based on my own personal experiences. My heart and passion are for encouraging women (and men who aren’t scared off by the flowers) who feel stuck and bound by pain and captivity through the power of God’s Word and my story with Him and that has not changed at all, nor will it. But I also love encouraging others to choose Jesus in everyday life. That’s where the tagline comes from. I hope to inspire others to truly and intentionally make time in the madness of busy schedules, careers, and classes to sit at the feet of Jesus, to learn from Him and find joy and contentment in His presence. He is so worth our time.
So that’s where I want to add on and transition. Jesus is the greatest joy of my life and I love spending time with Him more than anything. But I live a normal life. I have a job and I’m in ministry and I’m married and I have friends and, unfortunately, I have to do dishes and laundry. I can’t spend every waking second in “quiet time” and Bible study. I have to find ways to include Him throughout my day, in every aspect, as much as possible. I have many different passions and hobbies in my life and I love bringing Jesus into each of them. So I want to start writing about more of the things that I love outside of Bible study and hopefully show you that we can truly do everything for God’s glory (1 Cor. 10:31) if we’re intentional about it.


So I will slowly be transitioning into a Christian based lifestyle blog and I’m so excited to share more of my life and loves with you all!
A few of the topics I will be covering are Books, Marriage, Friendship, Ministry, Home, and just life in general, just to name a few. Basically whatever is happening in my life and inspiring me and where I’m choosing to welcome Jesus in.

This isn’t a deviation from my original purpose in blogging, it’s actually an extension of Choosing Him in every way, big or small.

But the thing that I’m most excited about adding is Guest Posts! I love hearing the God stories of others and seeing things through different perspectives. I am not crazy enough to think that my voice and experiences are the only ones there are so I am really excited to introduce you to other Christian bloggers that you might not meet otherwise and my prayer is that their stories will resonate deeply with you and point you closer than ever to Jesus.

I am so excited to see how God is going to use these new additions. I haven’t felt this excited or inspired in quite a while so I know that He has something wonderful planned.

As always, thank you so much for being here and supporting me. No matter how long you have been around the Choosing Jesus community, I am so, so thankful to have you here. My prayer is that when you read the words written here you will not picture my face or imagine my voice, but that you will see and hear and long for the presence of Jesus.
I hope that you’re inspired to welcome Him into every part of your life and choose to acknowledge and communicate with Him constantly.

Because Choosing Jesus isn’t a one time event or an occasional choice, it is a beautiful, fulfilling, sometimes terrifying, lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Updates and Excitement”

  1. I love that last line: “Because Choosing Jesus isn’t a one time event or an occasional choice, it is a beautiful, fulfilling, sometimes terrifying, lifestyle.”

    SO true!
    I’m looking forward to future posts! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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