Why Choosing Jesus?

I frequently get asked the question, “Why is your blog called ‘Choosing Jesus?'”

The name originally stemmed from my story of loss and redemption. And it will always be firmly and gratefully rooted there.
But this concept of Choosing Jesus has now grown from a one-time choice into a beautiful, rewarding way of life.

When I was only sixteen years old my parents were killed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. As you can imagine, my world turned upside down.

I had been raised in a Christian home and accepted salvation when I was just twelve years old but, up to that point, I had never felt a true, personal connection with God. I always felt like God was something I knew instead of someone I knew. I felt like He was the God of my parents, but not yet my God.

A few days after the accident I was praying and saying, God, what do I do? How do I live after this? And I felt Him so clearly say to me, It’s time for you to make a choice. You can get mad at me and blame me for this and run in the opposite direction or You can choose to trust me, fall on me like you never have before, and run into my arms. 

Somehow, in the middle of my grief, and fear, and uncertainty, I chose Jesus. I chose to trust Him and He proved capable. I fell at the feet of Jesus, completely broken and bleeding, and He pulled me close, never minding the mess.

Since then, it has been a complicated, beautiful, painful, and comfortable journey of getting to know Jesus better and, in turn, trusting Him more.

That choice, to choose Jesus and trust Him with my pain and fear, is not one that I made and that was the end. This choice to choose Jesus is one that I have to make every. single. day. and in every new season of life.

That is how this theme of Choosing Jesus has grown and formed. Every day we are faced with options: Hit the snooze button or make time for Jesus, Watch TV or spend time with Jesus, Angrily confront that co-worker or choose Jesus’ way, pray for them and then approach them with humility and Love.
When we’re faced with loss, fear, and anxiety we can give in to those things or we can choose to lean in to Jesus.
Even in the middle of things that we enjoy and that God encourages, time with friends, family, and spouses, ministry and service to others, and just everyday life, we still have the choice to go about our day as usual or to welcome Jesus into every moment of our lives.

Just five minutes in God’s presence can take what would have been a mundane day and turn it into a miraculous one.

This life is crazy and we all seem to be constantly rushing from one thing to the next. Jesus invites us to make time in the middle of the madness to sit at His feet.

 I can relate with Martha in the story in Luke 10. If I have a house full of people I’m simultaneously cooking, cleaning, hosting, and entertaining. And my nerves are definitely shot. But I’m working to be more like Mary; to value experience and quality time over busyness and presentation. To realize that Jesus’ Words take priority over everything.

The mess will still be there in the morning, I want to be with Jesus while He is here.